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Thread: GS550 cafe racer- bloody awesome!!!!!

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    Default GS550 cafe racer- bloody awesome!!!!!

    1979 Suzuki GS750L
    8475 miles, work in process

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    Sounded to me like it carbureted like crap but it looked cool. Ray.
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    Ranger Guest


    Wonder where he got the rear fender... or how he made it.

    Rapidray it could just be the quality of the camera as the picture didn't look that great either.

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    atb1998 Guest


    camera sound quality not the bike. If it had been outside where it wasn't echoing all over the pace also you might be able to hear it better

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    Ranger Guest


    This one seems nice, really responsive throttle too.

    I would like to make mine into a cafe racer but I don't have a clue really where to start how much I'd be looking at.

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    dansofield550 Guest


    it runs fine, i'd just knocked the choke off a little too quick, its was -6c outside and only +3 inside, if you want to see more pictures etc i've got it on under gs550 featherbed , the seat hump by the way is a modified seeley item

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    Flaming Chainsaws Guest


    Dansofield550, that is one mean looking bike! But with the number plate, do you plan on racing it? You do need a headlight for it to be legal, you know .

    Here is the direct link.

    Keep up the good work!

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    The rear hump is too large. Sticks out like a sore thumb.
    I think I like the pipes.

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    atb1998 Guest


    Dansofield550.. That bike is freaking cool. Big hunp or no big hump. You did a nice job !! Have seen a ton of cafe racers(no pun intended) yours is nice. The under seat exhaust is trick.The featherbed frame is waay trick. I don't think most people appreciate the work to build a frame.
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    dansofield550 Guest


    it was a lot of work, i built as much of it as i could the frame being the biggest part, the swing arm and forks are obviously not built by me , but ive had to make the rest , rear sets yokes for the forks wheel spindles swing arm pivot chain adjuster blocks lengthen the gearbox out put shaft ,spacers and caliper mounts ,exhaust, seat under tray, fuel tank too list does on and on, its taken me about 7 months from first idea to now.

    the seat was a seeley g80 item, and was huge, i cut 2 1/2 inchesd of the bottom! you could have fitted the christmas turkey in there and had room for the over too!, under the seat is the battery and oil catch tank,

    i've not got a generator on it, i'll run it from the battery only as it'll be for a track day bike,may even cut the end of the crankshaft off so i can just fit a flat plate on the generator side of the engine i could put it on the road even without a head light, over here we can get a daytime only mot, it would need rear lights etc though,

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