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Thread: 1981 Kawasaki GPz550: Restoration

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaurieG View Post
    Morning Steve. Terrible luck with the motor, but it looks like you've hit paydirt with the donor bike. Might look tatty, but take what you need and hide it in a corner. I can guarantee you'll need to re-visit!
    Good advice. The
    KZ550 donor bike parts sales on EBay has funded this portion of the rebuild. Ebay gets you coming and going though.

    For others:
    My GPz550 project is on hold for machining, APE has a one month turn around on cylinder boring. Business must be booming because they received the cylinder back on May 17th. No replies from them. The KZ550 head with 6300 miles is getting the following service,
    Ports and chambers bead blasted. 3 angle valve seat machining in Serdi equipment. Valve faces and tips ground and stems polished. All valve seats vacuum tested to ensure a good seal. Final assembly with new viton valve seals. Plus bronze valve guides. I don't anticipate having parts back till late June.

    I have been discussing cam selection with Corey on the side. I have decided to sell the Moriwaki mystery cams on EBay. The Moriwaki cams have 8.25mm (.327") lift while the 1984-1986 ZX550 stock cams have 8.05mm (.317") lift. Not much difference and since I don't have the Moriwaki specs and centerline angle for the cams with 8.25mm lift, timing the cams becomes pretty time consuming. Below is Corey GPz cams, the MegaCycle race cams in the fore front. I will keep the degreed cam sprockets but Moriwaki stuff is pretty spendy. Wonder what I should put on the EBay BIN.

    Changing subjects, we all know how rare 79-80 GS1000S mirrors are but I think there is one at least one item on the GPz550 that may be rarer yet. The fuel sending unit was only used on the 1981 GPz550 D1 and is unique to that model year. Although, the KZ550 used the same coffin tank it did not come with a fuel gauge. I have been refurbishing another GPz550 fuel sending unit which I cannibalized from a rough GPz550 parts bike heading to Steele's Cycle in Denver, CO. After disassembling the fuel sending unit, I got the wheatstone bridge to work again and it now gives the correct resistance values at the Hi & Low float. levels.

    The connector housing is toast, I took a picture of the good one but the bad one has disintegrated from sitting in a field exposed to the weather. If you happen to have an extra connector like the shown please let me know.

    That's the latest . . . safe riding
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