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Thread: LADIES !!! Please check in when you see this thread!

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    Thank you.

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    Welcome Yeslek and welcome back Seana. I remember you posting a while back, hope your 850 is up and running soon.
    "Men will never be free until Mark learns to do The Twist."

    -Denis D'shaker

    79 GS750N

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    Man-o-man, this thread has been dormant for a long while! A lot of it is my fault.
    I went AWOL for a while. Sorry...
    So who's doing what these days?
    Bike is running. Hope to ride this weekend.
    Planning to go to the ArabIan Finals Horse Show in Scottsdale (AZ) tomorrow...
    (Just re-checked the last post, and prior ones... Seems I have been gone a long time!)
    WELCOME! New Ladies!!! & ***Blessings!!!***
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    Yeah I haven't really been able to keep up either. I just moved to North Carolina for a new job and I traded in my Honda Spirit for a 2009 Kawasaki ER6-N!! It's a sweet little bike. Hopefully I will figure out how to ride it properly. It's tough getting used to a sports bike after owning a cruiser for a while.

    My 1980 GS550 made it down here with me and I just completed a second round of carb cleaning to hopefully get the thing running. I may have a vacuum leak somewhere... Maybe next week I'll check the valve clearances because I want to learn how to do it!!

    NC is amazing (other than the drivers). I have been able to ride my bike to work 80% of the time. That would never happen in New York in February!!!

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