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Thread: Dom 'Scotty" Scotto has passed away

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    I remember now... It was something like GsEd.
    He had this pic of a wacked out blonde zombie-like girl (he claimed) as the avitar. Riot!
    ...And I busted him!!!

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    Dom told me once that he frequented MRE. A long time drag racing tranny and parts supplier. I was sponsored by one of the good friends and competitors in the day to MRE. We had a nick name for the MRE owner. At the time we both ran Top Gas then Pro Comp later. It tickled him to go in one day and call him that. He said he dropped what he was doing and asked where in the hell did you get that from? Later when he told me about it I could tell he got a great deal of satisfaction from letting Jay know he had a inside track on him. The kind people seem to leave early. May Dom RIP.

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    Just thought I'd browse the GSR for the first time in years and seeing Dom passed away makes me wish I didn't. All of you have said such nice things about him. He made this place a lot of fun. Sometimes I'd search for his replies to whatever thread just to see what he had to say.
    I remember not hearing about him for quite a long time, partly because I didn't visit here much anymore. Then one day I read that he and Rocky married. I don't know how but I felt there was something between them from the first time they both replied to the same thread. I felt so happy for them. Now this. I wish I could've met him. What a wonderful man. I sure hope Hazel is well.
    And on the seventh day,after resting from all that he had done,God went for a ride on his GS!
    Upon seeing that it was good, he went out again on his ZX14! But just a little bit faster!

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