After last years 'Best Rally Ever' I'm back as organizer for 2017. Hopefully I'll be able to match the lofty standards of 2016.

Basically this is a repeat of the past several years rally. If you want detailed information, I've quoted the outstanding write up from GBW for last year's rally. Feel free to post any questions, the gang will be happy to provide plenty of idle chit-chat and anecdotal data in response.

Here's the condensed version:

Call Tradition Inn (573) 756-8031
Reserve room
Show up in Farmington
Go fast
Shift a lot
Go fast
Shift a lot
Go home

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Update: 8/18/16
brwinger is graciously hosting the route sheet pdf files, GPS files, and the map pdf files on his website. Download them, print them, load them into your GPS device.


Call now and make your reservation!!! (573) 756-8031.

(Don’t call the 800 number you might find online…it takes you to Expedia. Call the local number and folks at the hotel will take better care of you)

The hotel has changed ownership since last year and there are a few changes, but nothing that will keep anyone from attending. The changes are:

* Right now it is still called Tradition Inn. Any credit card activity may show the new owners information.

* The process/cost to reserve a group block of rooms is now inconvenient and expensive. So this year we do not have a group block or group rate. This means:

1. Reserve now and cancel later if needed. You can cancel up to 6pm of the day of arrival with no penalty so there is no reason to delay booking your reservation.

2. They may charge you a 1 night deposit when you book the room. This is 100% refundable if you cancel before 6pm the night of arrival.

3. Room rates are variable based on occupancy. Right now they are $69.30 weekdays and $79.10 weekends (plus tax). These rates might go up if a wedding party or something takes up a lot of rooms. Right now they have a lot of rooms available so book now to get the best rate. You can always cancel later if needed.

4. They require a $150 damage deposit via credit card or cash at check-in. If you use a credit card they will put a $150 authorization on your account then remove it at checkout. If you give them a $150 cash deposit they will return it at checkout.

So, I guess my message, in a nutshell is, if you think you might go, call and reserve a room now. The liberal cancellation policy means there is no risk as long as you cancel by 6pm the night of arrival.

ABOUT THE RALLY – maybe you’ve never attended this (or any other) GSR rally. Here’s the scoop:

Agenda: Arrive Thursday afternoon/evening, ride Friday and Saturday, depart Sunday

First, know that you are welcome. This is a very loosely organized event whose sole purpose is to enjoy the company of the folks that show up and enjoy the local roads and hospitality. We all met because of old GS motorcycles but you don’t have to be on a GS to attend. You’ll see lots of different kinds of bikes here.

Second, make sure your bike is in shape to attend. Especially if you’re on an old GS, make sure it starts, runs, charges, has good tires, etc. and that all the necessary maintenance has been performed before you leave for the rally. Everyone is willing to help a brother (or sister) out when something goes wrong, but there is less tolerance (and a lot of heckling) when things go wrong that are easily preventable.

Third, this is a ride your own ride kind of rally. Loose groups may form and ride together based on riding style, routes, friendships, interest in tourist attractions, etc., but nothing is formal. Route suggestions can be provided. You’re welcome to ask to join a group, start a group, or ride on your own. If you are riding in a group it is best to keep it to 4 or 5 bikes for safety and enjoyment.

Lastly, this group is largely attended by an ATGATT crowd. This means All The Gear All The Time. I think Missouri is a helmet state, so you’ll need that at a minimum. But most folks here will be sporting a full-faced helmet, armored motorcycle jackets, pants, boots and gloves. If you show up in your beanie helmet, assless chaps, and flip-flops we might heckle you and endless preach at you about the advantages of ATGATT.

Tradition Inn
1625 W Columbia St, Farmington, MO 63640
(573) 756-8031

The hotel is conveniently located right at an exit on 67 in Farmington MO, about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis. It’s has large rooms and plenty of amenities. Single and double rooms are available and some rooms have patios with sliding door access to the outdoor pool area. Specific rooms are available on request based on availability.

Spokes Pub and Grill is attached to the hotel and has a nice bar (with 40 beers on tap) and restaurant. Motel patrons get a 10% discount at the restaurant. They have live music Friday and Saturday nights. There is also a game room with a few video games and a pool table and a dart board in the bar.

There is a gas station right next door and a Suzuki/Kawasaki/Polaris/Can-Am dealer just across the expressway. There is also a Farm and Ranch store across the street which has hardware, lubes, oil, etc (not to mention boots ). Both the bike dealer and Farm and Ranch came in handy at past events.

There are several wineries in the area, one of which (Crown Valley Winery), is affiliated with Spokes. It is also a brewery, has lodging, and even a Tiger Sanctuary. There is a shuttle available from the motel to the winery. Inquire at the front desk if you’re interested in learning more.

We’ll use basically the same routes as the last few years. They work out well and provide two solid days of fun in the saddle. I’ll work with Joe to get the routes, maps, and maybe we can make.gpx tracks available.

These two full-day (~300 mile each) routes incorporate a lot of nice twisty roads, most of which are in excellent condition with very light traffic. Even the mediocre roads have a lot of elevation changes and nice scenery. They pass through a lot of little Missouri towns with plenty of options for gas, snacks, and meals.

In past years some folks formed a group to do a more laid-back experience and hit some very cool tourist areas and had a lot of fun. If you’re interested in that post about it here and I’m sure someone will chime in.

Feel free to post any comments or questions and please post when you have reserved a room so I can keep track of who to expect.
I’ll update this first post with any new information so always check here first. I’ll also try to keep a list of who may attend based on posts in the thread.

Hope to see you in Farmington!