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Thread: 2017 Brown County Indiana - June 8-11 - 7th Annual Tina Wasserott Memorial

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    I have some flat stock and some slurry, if you want to get "creative".


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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyup3371 View Post
    Charmayne's first and only ride at this year's Brown County started off fantastic as we went for a late afternoon ride after arriving in Bedford on Thursday. Unfortunately, on the way back to the hotel, we had to stop on the side of the road and she ended up dropping the bike to the right hand side breaking her front master cylinder reservoir. Leaving her at the bike, I then started back to the hotel to get my truck and the trailer only to go into a right then left hander way too hot and wrecked. Fortunately, the bike only suffered minor damage as the center console cracked and the mount for the clocks was twisted on the tachometer side. I was also supposedly, per the EMS, knocked out for quite awhile but I'm fine aside from a bruise the size of Alaska still on my right hip and very tight neck muscles. My bike is now fixed while Charmayne's is waiting on a new reservoir to arrive (Alke46 said he possibly might have one?).

    I was able to get this video on the way to Shoals before we had started back to Bedford but only just today managed to edit it down to the last three minutes. As a note, her brake light is on as we discovered afterwards she had misrouted the wire to the rear brake switch. I still need to confirm the routing but this is also fixed now.

    Hey Scott, did Charmayne ever find a replacement reservoir? I had one packaged, ready to send to her but mine has 2 bolts in the mounting base where hers only uses 1 bolt. I told her this when I called her to make sure it was not the right one. Any luck with a replacement yet?

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    Sorry Larry, I didn't fully understand what she meant a few days ago when we had that conversation. But we have a possible line on one from Tom Witt and I found one on EBay that will work if not. Thank you sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    I have some flat stock and some slurry, if you want to get "creative".

    Flat stock? 4mm? Thanks for the offer.

    I stupidly didn't search for all the pieces after the first one bit me. I think I jumped to the conclusion that the whole thing was a goner. But then I threw one of the pieces into the bag. I don't know what I was thinking. I probably wasn't. At least, not about that. So I'm working on printing a piece to fill the hole. This first piece is going to be a sort of gage to make sure I have a reasonable approximation of the shape of the lid. I'm sure I'll need at least one more try at that. Then I can print pieces that can be trimmed to fit in the hole and welded in. Hmmm. Maybe I can glue all the pieces to the gage with Elmer's (water-soluble PVA) as a sort of weld jig. I don't know. I'm figuring it out as I go.

    And then I can start tweaking on the hinges and latches to get all of that into some functional shape.

    OTOH, the cargo net suits my style.
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