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Thread: Bike useage vs your age...

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    Am 66 and have been riding since I was 10. I started on a Honda 90 trail bike and living on a large ranch, rode it everywhere, even to the 2 room school. Licence at 16 and bought a 250 Dream which make a pretty poor trail bike and rode it to destruction. Bought a 350 and went on from there. Have been riding every year, some more than than others, and expect to do over 2000 miles for a rally.

    I own a boat load of bikes, but currently ride only 4, a TTR125 my local runabout to the neighbors etc., 919 for well sport riding, and my 850L and 1100L for tour and rally.

    80 GS 1100 LT, 83 1100 G "Scruffy"
    81 GS 1000 G
    79 GS 850 G
    81 GS 850 L
    83 GS 550 ES, 85 GS 550 ES
    80 GS 550 L
    86 450 Rebel, 70CL 70, Yamaha TTR125
    2002 Honda 919
    2004 Ural Gear up

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    I've had a lot of totally different rides in my 48 riding years, from Yammie 2 strokes to big Jap twins & fours, to Italian Guzzi's. After all that I end up riding a 1981 GS850G, bit of a beater, and my old 1984 Moto Guzzi California. The one I like the most is the one I'm on. They both do the same thing in a different way. I find neither lacking, but I don't dual purpose anymore, and I don't drag the pegs. Everything you've done in your life has led you to the point where you are now. Only complaints are bikes I wanted and missed out on. I am 68, and prefer to just follow the boys around.

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