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    Might sound a daft question but where can you find shims for a GS1000 nowadays. My local Suzuki Dealer no longer has a stock of them. I'm guessing I'm going to have to look on Ebay and places like that.

    Any other suggestions.

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    Yep, dealers never stock them, even though the same shims were still in use in the GS500, which was available in the US through 2009.

    Suzuki dealers can certainly get shims, but at a very high cost.

    Here in the states, Z1 Enterprises stocks aftermarket shims, and they can ship to the UK. There are shops here and there that cater to vintage bikes that stock shims (like Cycle Recycle II in Indianapolis).

    There's also a shim club here on the GSR, but I don't know whether shipping to the UK is a problem.
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    There's a few of us in the UK - what sizes do you need?
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