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Thread: Smoldering while jumper-cables connected

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    I did the same thing before I joined the forum. Had to spring for a new R/R. Do a search for recommendations for a replacement on this site. You don't want the original Suzuki one. Also check out any post posplayr makes and in his signature you'll see how to test your charging system.........
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    The regulator/rectifier AND the stators on GS-series bikes are known to be frail, and given to failure without outside interference, thus, as others have said, having a LIVE outside source for electricity is not good for them.

    Also, as others have said, in every case, the engine in the vehicle with the good battery must NEVER be running at the time jumper wires are being used to start another vehicle.

    In many of the more modern cars, for example, jumping while the engine is running can cause considerable damage to the electrical system on the vehicle with the running engine. For this reason some manufacturers recommend against using their vehicle to jump-start another.
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    I used my F-150 to jump the forklift at my old workplace. Engine running, turned the key and the forklift started but the truck groaned and shuddered. After that the truck's alternator was toast.

    In regards to the bike, thought I'd mention never to run the engine without a battery hooked up. Not sure why anyone would ever do that, but I did. Oh here's why, after a second battery died and before putting in a new one in I wanted to check charging output. Disconnecting the battery while running sent a power surge through the electrical system but luckily only the headlight bulb blew. I wound up replacing the R/R which is what ruined my batteries, adding a new ground, and of course a headlight bulb.

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