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Most GSResources readers are ready and willing to work on their chosen GS model. We get many requests for assistance on how to do a various number of things to these machines, one of which deals with carburetor problems. In this pictorial, John has tried to give us the step by step process which will allow us to work on those gummy carburetors and plugged up fuel jets.

So, clear the decks and work bench -- and put on some ratty clothes to get ready for this feature. Positive comments and feedback welcome.

Note #1: Follow the images from Left to Right, Top To Bottom for the proper sequence. Also, there is not a "slide 15" so, don't go looking for it!

Note #2: Bill Kingston has brought it to our attention that the references to a Pilot Air Screw may be incorrect.  He states that on these carbs use a Fuel Flow Screw instead.  This means that you are controlling fuel running through the passages with this adjustment, not air.  So when turning the screw counterclockwise you are increasing fuel flow and when you turn it clockwise you decrease fuel flow.

An Acrobat PDF file of this series is now available.  Click here to download.

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(Special thanks go to Steve Rivett for making the file!)





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