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11-28-2019, 03:54 AM
This isn't a ride, but it's a gathering idea? If I'm off-base with posting it here let me know.

I'm relatively new to bikes and didn't learn about anything mechanical growing up, so everything I know I learned by keeping cheap old cars on the road, and now, for the last couple of years, my GS550. I take it to my mechanic for things that are beyond me, and hang out and watch and get what I can from it, and I've started taking classes at my local technical school to get more up to speed, but I don't have a good space to work or any friends with an interest in working on things.

Are there any other folks in the Austin area who'd be interested in working on things together? I guess the genie wish version of this for me would be someone with a little garage space and some tools and some experience who I could pay for a little bay space and hang out with and learn from. I looked to see if there are any DIY garages around here and there's a website for one, but I emailed them and they don't exist. Anyway, I'd also be happy to meet someone else who's working in a driveway and figuring it out and maybe we could meet up once in a while and just do that.


11-28-2019, 07:16 AM
Jim, did you see this? https://www.thegsresources.com/_forum/showthread.php?256988-2020-quot-Yet-To-Be-Named-quot-Rally-March-19-22-Dripping-Springs-TX

Forum member Groove_Daddy (Robin) is current living in Dripping Springs, TX, (even though his location is listed as IL).

Robin likes riding, and tinkering. Shoot him a PM. He doesn't have a GS, but he still knows a few things about older bikes.

11-28-2019, 11:59 PM
Jim, did you see this?

I did! And I responded, but only about going on the ride. Dripping Springs is a little bit of a haul, but not so bad. I was out there this afternoon, actually.

12-05-2019, 06:28 PM
In the ancient times, before Al Gore invented the Internet, we'd look for other people on bikes and approach them for conversation. This DOES still work, you might want to practice by approaching people with grey hair since we're accustomed to meeting this way.

The next best bet would be to look for a "Maker Lab" a quick Google search shows three in Austin. I've been to them in a few towns and they're all different in what they offer, my guess is a little time spent around that crowd would get you in touch with other "Doers"

12-07-2019, 06:37 PM
In the ancient times, before Al Gore invented the Internet, we'd look for other people on bikes and approach them for conversation.

I don't know that sounds pretty scary. Maybe I'll give it a swing. I do go out to events once in a while.

I hadn't thought of looking at maker spaces and stuff. It looks like we have a few and one of them has an auto bay. I'm gonna head up there to one of their open houses and see what that looks like and how it works. That might be a really good option at least for space and equipment.


06-29-2020, 08:09 PM
I'm pretty late to this, especially as I'm up in Wisconsin for the summer. We return to TX early October, perhaps as early as the first.

I'd be better than happy to help you get your hands dirty. Not sure I'll be in Dripping again, though. We're eyeing Kerrville pretty hard.

BUT ... I might "know a guy" who'd take your money for wrenching space. It's a long shot. And you have to love Trombone. And whiskey. And random exposure to smooth hilarity.

07-02-2020, 01:03 AM
Hit me up when you're back in town, Groove Daddy.

My most pressing need for a work space is over now, but I do yearn for an enclosed working area from time to time. And I can certainly endure some trombone if I'm drinking whiskey.