View Full Version : Alert!!! Please update your Profile email address and keep it current!

01-07-2020, 01:15 PM
Something has come up recently where some folks have had to reset their passwords. Unfortunately they changed their email address but didn't update their forum Profile when they did this. When they went to reset their passwords the Reset email was sent to a dead email account.

The email address in your Profile is used by the Reset Password functionality as well as where messages of all your forum Subscriptions are sent. It is also a backup method for forum members to contact you. As you can see, when it isn't updated it tends to create a lot of work for everyone, especially me.

So everyone should go to their profile ASAP and make sure that their Email address is current.

Much appreciated!!


04-19-2020, 11:36 AM
I have to admit that this forum is a bit hard for me to navigate. I joined the forum about three weeks ago. I wanted to let the crew know that I did not come in, get an answer, then abandon the site. Last week, I was moving some files around on the computer when I hit something I shouldn't have (kind of like punching Chuck Norris in the face). Wham Six years of research, websites, manuals, favorite used dealers, gone forever. This site, several GT sites, my Kawasaki KZ1300; gone. After the tears, I started over. My 1981 1100E now runs. I really don't have a lot to say on forums, but I will, without shame, pick the brains of those that do.

Thanks, and my profile is currently up to date.