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How do I gain access to the GS Bible Study Group, Off-Topic, For Sale or Wanted forums?

The GSResources has several Off Topic forums that are not dedicated specifically to GS motorcycles. They are the GS Bible Study Group and the Off Topic Discussion Area.

The GS Bible Study Group was created for those who wish to discuss Christianity and the Bible with like-minded people. Is is not meant as an area for discussions that are critical of Christianity, God or the Bible. Access to the GS Bible Study Group is gained by sending a Private Message to the forum administrator.

The Off Topic Discussion Group is intended for all non-GS motorcycle related discussions. Politics and religion are frequently discussed here as well as other subjects. These discussions can sometimes get heated, however, everyone is expected to follow the rules that they agreed to when they signed up to this forum. No personal attacks or vulgar language will be tolerated. Access to the Off Topic Study Group is gained by being a forum member for 7 days and posting 10 articles to the regular areas of the forum. This is done so that people get an idea of how this forum works before to they gain access to this area.

The ability to view or post articles in the For Sale and Wanted forums is restricted to Registered users. If you want to view or post in these forum, then you will need to register.

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