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Why can't I log in? It doesn't recognize my email address.

In order to keep the forum database running efficiently, they are purged of inactive users on a weekly basis. If your login isn't working, chances are that one of the following occurred

You have not logged into the forum in the past 360 days.


You have not activated your new account within 7 days of registering.

If you find that all of a sudden you can't login to the forum and you have been able to in the past, odds are that your account was purged. Try creating a new forum account and that should take care of things in most cases. If you are told that your email address is already used, then your account is still in the system. Follow the steps below for recovering your password mentioned in the Lost Passwords section of the General Forum Usage FAQ.

Purging of inactive accounts is done to keep the database optimized and reduce screen load times for forum users. We run this site on a shared server therefore we make every attempt to handle as many users as we can, as fast and efficiently as possible.

How does the registration process work?

Click on the Register link show at the top of the main forum page. Enter a username and password, and a valid email address. This email address must be valid because a confirmation email will be sent from our system to here. Fill out any other information asked and click OK.

Within several minutes you should receive the confirmation email. Be sure to check your email program spam folders for this email message if you can't find it in your Inbox!

There will be a link in this email that you must go to with your browser in order to activate your account. Click on the link in the confirmation email and your browser should come up with the URL at the top and a message should appear saying that your account has been successfully activated. If it doesn't, then make sure that the complete URL is in your browser window. If it isn't then you will have to hand-type the URL into your browser. Once activated you should be able to login to the forum and post articles.

Where is my registration confirmation email?

As part of the forum registration process an email is sent to the email address you used to register in order to make sure that the address is valid and isn't spam. In some cases, people have stated that they have not received the email. These are the typical problems.

  • The email is in a Spam folder on your end
  • Your email mailbox is full
  • Your email account is running a validator that must be replied to on our end before it accepts email from our system

First of all, check all spam folders on your end for any messages that our system may have sent out. This is a common problem particularly with AOL users.

Next, make sure that your email box isn't full. This happens typcially when using the free email services such as Yahoo or GMail.

Finally, our registration system is an automatic process and as such can't respond to requests from your server to acknowledge the email. So don't use these types of accounts for forums registrations. They will be ignored.

If you are sure that these conditions don't apply to you and you still haven't received the confirmation email, then notify the forum adminstrator.

Why did my posts disappear?

In order to keep the database to a manageable size, various forums on the site are regularly purged to delete old posts. These forums are GS Motorcycle, Off Topic, The GS Meetingplace and all For Sale and Wanted forums.

If you are posting and want your article to be permanently on the site, then do not post your article to the above listed forums. Do make sure that you post to the appropriate forum for the topic, however.

What content can I have in my signature?

Because of the wide and varied audience here nothing political is allowed in signatures. The only place that political statements are allowed on this website is in "The Vortex" forum. They do not allowed anywhere else in the forum.

Along with no political statements is that everything visible to a normal forum visitor be 'PG' rated. That means that avatars and signatures should be sexually appropriate.

Try to keep the size of signatures to a 5 lines or less. Excessively large signatures are inconsiderate for those trying to get to the bottom of a forum page while having to wade through excessive lines of signature. Not everyone has fast internet.

Signatures deemed in violation of these rules may be deleted.

How can I support this website?

This website operates due to the gracious generosity of our visitors. Though the contents of the website are free to all internet visitors, it is not free to either run or maintain. If you find the website useful then you are strongly encouraged to contribute to support the website.

You can do that by clicking here!

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