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Hello!! New to bikes just bought a 1983 GS550L !

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    Hello!! New to bikes just bought a 1983 GS550L !

    Hey guys!

    Im new to bikes and not sure where to start. I live in Fraser valley British Columbia, Canada. I'm 35 yrs old and have never worked on a motorcycle a day before in my life. I've done some wrenching on my cars and trucks but I fear it's close but not the same.

    Let it me begin at the beginning. I bought a bike, a 1983 GS550L. It has a couple problems but I'm sure with your help I can get her purring again !

    when I bought the GS I was told it was a starter button run switch that was faulty. (Please forgive me I didn't know all the proper names yet, English is my first language if I sound uninformed I apologize)

    Anyway it's still not running... This is not the place for trouble shooting... I will be cruising around the forum looking for information. If I can't find the correct information I will post.

    Looking forward to to getting this beauty running again !

    there is a maual here..............


      Thank you rusty ! That was fast ! But the link does not work for me...



        This is a good place to start


          hmmm the basscliff site is fux0red it would seem.


            Well I've been searching the site and I need a little help and guidance. Complete noob stuff. I hope I post my first in the right section! thank you both for your help already


              Welcome to GSR.

              Thanks for introducing yourself.

              Yes. this is good section of the forum to introduce yourself.

              Do post some pics.

              Will get better response to technical question if post question in appropriate technical section.

              WHen you say "starter button run switch", I would think you are refereeing to the "run" switch there by the starter button.
              Many folks call that the "kill switch", but run is probably a better name since that is what it says next to the switch.

              That swtich switches power to the ignition and the the starter button circuit.
              Also in the starter button circuit is the sensor switch on the bottom of the clutch lever, if you didn't know that you might think is a problem with kill switch.

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                yes the clutch interlock switch is nasty. The same switch is used for the front brake and they pretty much suck.
                You can disable the switch by tracing the yellow and yellow green tracer iirc wires in the bucket that feed the switch.

                My switch requires that I pull both back and up slightly on the lever too lazy to fix it.


                  Thanks guys ! It's pretty helpful here. I started a thread and would love to discuss my troubleshooting in it. Come see if I'm doin it right