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    New to the group.

    Hello all, I have owned my 1977 GS750 for 4-5 years now, however just finally got it road worthy and started updating and restoring it. The bike was my grandfathers for most my life and before he passed away he had me come take the gs from him. He rode it until he was 80 and I rode on the back of it as a kid and early teen with him whenever I would go visit him in the summers. Other family members tried to get the bike but it never happened, me and him always had a special bond and this bike was always a part of it. I finally have a garage at my house and the extra money and time to invest in it here and there. I've put 500 or so miles on it the past 3 weeks it's on the road. The bike is all original except for bars, pod filters, exhaust and dyna s ignition. Just picked up a dual disk 1100 front end I will be swapping and a giuliari seat. Next is a swing arm and maybe motor work. Added a picture, will work on getting more up later.
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    Welcome to the site.
    Nice story on inheriting your grandfathers' bike.
    Put your location in your signature. There might some GS help nearby.
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      Welcome aboard, nice looking cared for bike. Please check the charging first opportunity. See quick test in my signature.


        Welcome to GSR.

        THanks for introducing yourself some.

        Interesting story about your grandfathers bike.

        DO put your location in user profile.

        Looks like nice condition.

        G'pa take off the front fender....?


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          Thanks for the welcoming guys, as for the front fender I took it off due to rubbing and being the worst conditioned part of the whole bike. However the new dual disk front end I scored is off a gs1100 and has an almost perfect original front fender on it. Can't wait to swap it all on and have a fender again. As far as location I will add it, I'm from
          New York.


            Welcome to the site. That's a real nice story, glad you're finally able to get on the bike again.
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            Are you on the GSR Google Earth Map yet?


              Cool story, and cool that Grandpa saw to it that you ended up with the bike. Hopefully it didn't cause and family grumbling.....
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