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    Wow, blast from the past?
    Cowboy Up or Quit. - Run Free Lou and Rest in Peace

    1981 GS550T - My First
    1981 GS550L - My Eldest Daughter's
    2007 GSF1250SA Bandit - My touring bike

    Sit tall in the saddle Hold your head up high
    Keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky and live like you ain't afraid to die
    and don't be scared, just enjoy your ride - Chris Ledoux, "The Ride"


      As in...JoAnn?

      It’s slowly coming back to me...


      GS750TZ V&H/4-1, Progressive Shocks, Rebuilt MC/braided line, Tarozzi Stabilizer[Seq#2312]
      GS750TZ Parts Bike [Seq#6036]
      GSX-R750Y (Sold)

      my opinion shouldn't be taken as gospel or in any way that would lead you to believe otherwise (30Sep2021)
      Originally posted by GSXR7ED
      Forums are pretty much unrecognizable conversations; simply because it's a smorgasbord of feedback...from people we don't know. It's not too difficult to ignore the things that need to be bypassed.


        Originally posted by dorkburger View Post
        I wondered when I saw London as the location.
        Jo lives in Bedford not London........
        Old age and treachery will beat youth and skill every time
        Originally Posted by Schweisshund I mean, sure, guns were used in some of these mass shootings, but not all of them
        1983 GS 750


          Yes, a moribund thread. But if I were a woman, I probably wouldn't declare it, these days. Just to save all the "gentlemanly" fuzz that distracts from a mechanical question.


            Yeah... It was a dig...
            Are you a lady? ...Or do you regularly do what you're told not to?
            eg: Ladies only... Hope you are a female? We've lost quite a few girls on this site Looking to rebuild.... If you are a chick, welcome to the neighborhood!
            If not.... Well.....Newbies sometimes make mistakes.
            Welcome to the best forum out here..... Gramma