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Mark Harrop's passing.

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    someone referred to a photo as he looking 'frail'
    I didn't think he looked frail at all (folks are just so used to seeing obesity everywhere ... including in the mirror! )

    I presumed some terminal disease (unless i missed something)
    Really enjoyed his postings. cheers Mark
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      Originally posted by trevor View Post

      Lol................always good to get a Stripes quote in!
      Good catch!

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        Mark certainly said some things he shouldn't have said. I've never done anything like that here, unless you could threatening a couple people's lives. At heart, he was a good guy, interesting, funny, bizarre mini-bike fan. I helped him with a couple projects. I sent him a book he was interested in and he sent me a masood hat. It was too small for my big head, but my bald cousin still wears it. RIP, Sgt. Harrop.
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          Sad to hear this...even though it's been since 2022.

          I vaguely remember Mark's activities on here...just that there was lots of conflict with others.

          RIP Mark and thank you for your service.
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          Originally posted by GSXR7ED
          Forums are pretty much unrecognizable conversations; simply because it's a smorgasbord of feedback...from people we don't know. It's not too difficult to ignore the things that need to be bypassed.