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air filter seal?

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    air filter seal?

    I recently installed a new air filter into my 81 GS1000G and I noticed that the air filter carrier is not fully sealed against the top leading to the carb intakes. There are two thin foam strips that are along the two long sides of the filter carrier (so getting sqashed between the it and the intake to the carbs) but they are just sort of sitting on top with just a little tackiness so don't know if they are really making a good seal as they can shift around a bit. There is also no foam along the short ends of the filter carrier so there is a little gap. See the attached picture.

    How important is it that I ensure a tight seal at the top of the filter housing? These two foam strips seem a little jury rigged. Is there a proper gasket to install on top of the air filter housing? If not, should I get some foam strips to seal the short ends at the top of the housing as well?


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    Andrew, have a look at Basscliffs site:

    Suzuki GS motorcycles maintenance and information (GS850GT)

    I think it's towards the bottom / right of the page, there's a link to sealing up your airbox.


      perfecto. exactly what I needed. thanks!