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Ignition help gs650e

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    Ignition help gs650e

    When I turn the key the bike tries to crank what have i wired wrong

    What have you done to the bike? Did you play with the wiring?

    Assuming you haven't hooked up something wrong, I'd check the starter button to see if it's stuck.

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      If the button is stuck and you attempt to disassemble the starter button housing be sure to do so on a work bench with a towel beneath your work as some of the parts came flying out when I did it and bounced off the bench on to the floor ... Took me a bit to find them. And pay close attention to how it came apart ... Cuz you got put it back together once you've cleaned it up . I now take a few cell phone shots along the way as I disassemble anything I think might be tricky to reassemble.
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        I made my own harness from a bucket of wires and connectors that came with my bike lol


          First, disconnect the green/yellow wire from the starter relay so the bike stops cranking.
          Also disconnect the coils so they don't blow when testing over a period.
          Now you can take your time troubleshooting with contact on.
          That also gives you access to the 12V going to coils to measure if it goes there.

          Most bikes have constant 12V going into the RH handlebar switch.
          That goes to the killswitch.

          When the killswitch is flipped, constant power goes to ignition, coils and starter button.

          When pressing the starter button, (switched) 12V goes to starter relay.

          Maybe you switched the 2 wires, so constant 12V now goes to starter relay instead of to the killswitch ?
          (that may mean you have no power to ignition/coils unless you press the starter button)
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            Did you chose the right bucket? LOL

            RIjko is being quoted - First, disconnect the green/yellow wire from the starter relay so the bike stops cranking. VERY IMPORTANT! Becuase is this the wire that's hooked up???
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              Now it's cranking with all lights working but I'm blowing n g my main Fuse everytime