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1978 GS 750E front Brake calipers upgrade

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    1978 GS 750E front Brake calipers upgrade

    Have a 1978 GS750E original owner . Would like to upgrade Front calipers to something with more stopping power Does anyone know of such a conversion

    You're kinda new around here, aren't ya?

    EDIT 1/1/2023 - Yes I have a few sets of brackets/spacers/hub spacers left - Price is $104 shipped Priority in the USA. Most other countries tend to be around $125-$130 shipped 1st class package. Newest brackets also allow the new Ninja EX650 Tokico calipers to be fitted as well as SV650 & DL650. Just some pics of the


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      Alternate to the Twinpots, the later year GS calipers are a popular upgrade. Lots of members here have done that too. I think you need to stay away from L calipers, though, because of the way they mount.

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        Brand new here Thanks for getting back to me so fast What year and CC GS calipers should I be looking for and do they mount the same as my stock calipers. First owner and love Bike so easy to ride Rebuilt several years ago Braided lines New Pads and bled recently. Just feels like Brakes are not as powerful as once were. Too old to be dragging the pegs anymore, but stopping is good. Thanks again


          You can change to the later caliper as long as you change the rotors as well.... but the main difference is felt in the square pad vs the little round one. If you already have dual brakes & the square pads you won't get a lot of benefit out of any of the newer calipers in my opinion.

          If you want to be able to brake with two fingers... then the Twinpots are the way to go.
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            1978 GS 750 E Thanks for everyone's ones knowledge. Quick question If I upgrade to a newer GS Twinpot caliper what years and CC am I looking for, Now have Twin rotors and round pads {single in each caliper} Lastly Rotors are in good shape do I need to change to a different year and CC. Thanks again