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    Bill, I'd sent you a PM a few days ago looking to get more info on this.

    can you try and take another picture - I would really like to see a clearer shot of the pock marks. My first reaction is possibly a small (and hard) object did the damage - I've not seen anything like that one.

    I can't tell from the picture if that's a Suzuki shim or a K&L shim. Does it have chamfered edges? From the color, it looks more like a Suzuki shim - they are much darker than the K&L shims - they must use a different hardening process.

    Was that damage on the top of the shim, or the bottom of the shim? If it was the bottom of the shim, any damage to the top of the valve bucket? If it was the top of the shim, any marks on the lobe of the cam?

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    BillGS550LZ Guest


    Hello Jeff. Apologies for not reverting sooner. I have another pic of the back/bottom (side stamped with the size) which is not damaged and will get it to you soon as I can. Mean time, the damage (on the top) is not very deep. I can feel it if I run my nail over it. The corresponding lobe feels a bit rough but visibly looks ok and no different than the rest. Note, there are no chamfered edges and the numbering style (2 - 70) match other K&Ls I have. Again, will get you another pic as soon as possible. Look maybe it is a fluke as none of the others I have show any signs of damage like that. Things happen, maybe some small object got in there like you said or perhaps some rare material and or process defect, it happens. Thanks again.

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    I've only used them once last year before the PNW rally. I ordered a new chain and sprockets. They were very helpful on the phone and shipping was fast.

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    I have bought thousands of dollars of Z1 Kawasaki items from them and they have been absolutely first class. They are bike people themselves and they fully understand how it is on our end of the phone.
    Jeff has went above and beyond more than once helping me out with my needs.
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    Thanks for your interest. See pic below. The clearance after replacing this one is ~0.07mm. It is an exhaust valve which I had originally set at 0.09mm.

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    nguyendq91, I believe you posted in the wrong place. There hasn't been a post in this thread in over 2 years.

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    And was started 12 years ago
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