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    zach_denver Guest


    I also had a great experience w/Z1 -- I ordered some shims (via Priority Mail) on Monday afternoon and received them on Wednesday!

    I was hoping for Saturday, but I got them in and was able to go on a really nice ride that weekend.



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    shoe48 Guest


    Jeff and Rob are the best .. only good things about Z1 :-D:-D

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    RJz1100E Guest

    Thumbs up

    Another happy Z1 customer here. Ordered plugs, wires, a crimping tool, and one of their snazzy t-shirts. My order arrived the next day. I will be a repeat customer.

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    neil young Guest


    ordered from them a few times....two thumbs up

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    TheCafeKid Guest


    Ive emailed on a few occassions re: parts and Rob has always been quick to the place..if they have what im looking for i wont buy from anyone else...


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    Giblet Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jeff.saunders View Post
    Please do not assume we did not reply... email is particularly frustrating these days - and it should not be relied on it as an effective communication tool. All too often we respond to emails only to have the emails get gobbled up in ISP and customer anti-Spam filters. We also get far too many emails bounce back from bad email addresses, full mail boxes and the like.

    Please pickup the phone and call us - we have real people to answer the phones and help people.
    YES! They do and will \\/! Highly recommended. I call.

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    n1elkyfan Guest


    Another happy customer here. The bast part is there close to me so that even things shipped by ground get here real fast.\\/

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    schlyme Guest


    i did a test order if you could call it that of the feeler gauges and tappet tools for valve adjustments, was a lil worried when i didn't get an email confirmation, and like a fool did not write down the order number when i ordered. the items arrived within a week, which i think is great seeing as i'm in cali and they ship out of N.Y. also i hadn't read thru all the post hear so i didn't think of calling. i can say i would order again from Z1. i am very happy with them. thanks

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    Thanks for all the comments.

    Just some comments about emails. Some ISP's implement anti-spam filters that are of questionable ability or set too aggressively. Check with your ISP and often there are 'white listings' exception lists where you can enter domain information to always receive emails from a specific email address or domain regardless of whether the anti-spam software suspects it is bad or not. Similarly, many PC anti-spam software packages also have an exception list.

    UPS tracking notifications from the UPS QuantumView system get generated by any business shipping UPS using the UPS Worldship software (which is most small to large businesses use). It's well worth setting in the White listing, and of course

    I've found comcast and bigpond to be two ISP's with over aggressive anti-spam measures.

    If you ever struggle to get emails from a business or a specific domain, check these sites - they are some of the anti-spam 'gatekeepers'. Unfortunately senderbase (and some of the others) often report sites as a spamming sites when they are not. And they implement a 'guilty until you can prove you are innocent' approach to their lists.
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    BassCliff Guest

    Smile Here, here!

    Mr. Chairman,

    I move that Z1 is cool! Do I hear a second?

    BTW, Mr. jeff.saunders, would you like to advertise on my little BikeCliff website? Not that you need it, but I'd like to add a little class to my site.

    Thank you for your indulgence,


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