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Thread: Yet another Coil Relay Mod (with Dyna S)

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    My apologies for crappy cell phone photo. It looks like the battery is touching the R/R, but in fact there is nearly 1/8" of clearance. Not as much as I remember it being when I first threw things in there just to see if everything would go in place.


    Given that these R/Rs run so much cooler, do you think there would be a heat issue created for the battery? At the very least I'd think there would be no issue when moving, given the amount of airflow thru there since I am running pods.

    On another note from your earlier post: I seriously doubt the B/W from the harness will reach the SPG I have @ the moment (an R/R mounting point), so I am going to do some measuring and make more ground leads to put the SPG closer to the front of the electrics mounting plate using an existing threaded hole in the plate.
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