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Thread: GS1000S Mirrors - replace with what?

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    rputney01 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by hp1000s View Post
    Go to the Dennis Kirk website, and find the Ken Sean mirrors. There is a universal, fairing-mount mirror, that bolts in place on the fairing w/angle blocks included. Big mirrior face, and they stick out way further than the stock ones. Rear visibility is excellent, and they are about $20.00. I've had 'em on my S for about 15 years, and they look real nice IMO.
    Great advice!!! Thanks. I've been playing with spacers, but these bolt right on and look great. I wish I had known this before I spent $60 each for new OEM mirrors.


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    Smurf Guest


    Are these the ones you're talking about:

    Do they bend up like the originals on the S?

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