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Thread: New user rank - GSResource Superstar

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    Thumbs up New user rank - GSResource Superstar

    I have just created a new user rank, that thing that shows under your avatar, to give a little special recognition to those folks who hang out here and go above and beyond, in terms of helping others here. The new user rank is called "GSResource Superstar".

    If you feel that a particular person deserves this title, then send me a Private Message and let me know why you feel that way. I'll review it and decide whether it warrants it. I hope in some small way this can be used to show just how important some people are in making TheGSResources the great place this truly is.

    -- Frank --

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    Here is a list of the current GSResource Superstars. Thanks to everyone listed for everything you do to make this website the great place that it is.

    • AOD
    • argonsagas
    • BassCliff
    • Billy Ricks
    • bwringer
    • chef1366
    • dpep
    • Duaneage
    • earlfor
    • Jethro
    • jimcor
    • Joe Nardy
    • jonr
    • marvinsc
    • Matchless
    • Nessism
    • pano
    • Pillage
    • posplayr
    • Rapidray
    • renobruce
    • robertbarr
    • rustybronco
    • Salty_monk
    • Steve
    • TheCafeKid
    • Tom MLC
    • Suzuki_Don

    -- Frank --
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