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Thread: I rebuild carbs

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    Chef can probably help you, but I have a couple of questions.
    1. What was the incentive for the Campbell x-pipe? All the reviews I have seen of it were considerably less than positive.
    2. Who is "Monty"?
    3. What is your incentive for pods? Yes, most bikes will make a little more power, along with a little more noise, once you finally get them dialed in, but the 850 has about the lowest state of tune of any GS, I don't know how much that might improve with pods.

    OK, I just did some searching and found that "Monty" is Monty Campbell, inventor of the x-pipe. I find it interesting that he added jets 11 sizes larger, when he claims that his pipe requires NO re-jetting. I think that pretty much says enough for me about the rest of his company.


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    Thanks Steve, the reason he went 11 sizes bigger on the jets is because of the pods. I can do my best to go back to the OEM airbox but im having a hard time getting it to stay connected to the carbs , I even bought new rubber boots for the air-box still having trouble but I could spend more time on it if Chef could maybe
    get me back to normal.

    p.s. The X-pipe I have is a decent product. I'm more frustrtated with myself for going in over my head with no support in Idaho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve View Post
    What is your incentive for pods?

    A big incentive for me is looks.

    Then when I became an 11EZ owner, I discovered how difficult the air box made battery access.
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    Hi Mr Chef, or Bill. Iím new to the site and Iím really interested in a quote for some carb rebuilding. I have an 80 GS 1000 GL that Iím restoring. The carbs appear to be stock and untouched, but i assume clogged. I plan to run K&N pod filters and a V&H 4 into 1 pipe. So Iím going to need richer jetting. I can send you my telephone number if youíd like. Let me know the best way to get in touch. Best regards. GS1Tom

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    Bump @chef, pm coming your direction
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    Quote Originally Posted by the schwartz View Post
    Bump @chef, pm coming your direction
    Bill's got a lot on his plate these days. I can't speak for him but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nessism View Post
    Bill's got a lot on his plate these days. I can't speak for him but...
    wishing Bill the best, whatever the plate is full of !!(?)
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