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Thread: Today is the worst day in my life.

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    Hornswaggle Guest


    I'm sorry for your loss. You can still talk to her, she'll listen and you'll feel better too.

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    emjay Guest


    My heart goes out to you Josh. Hang in there, man.
    I've found you don't really get over it, just learn to deal with it.

    I lost my mom this past May. I knew it was coming, but it was no easier.
    I was with her for her last breath and I just about died of grief myself.

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    Default You're in company…

    It's the worst day for everybody…
    My condolence for the early loss of your mother.
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    Josh and our precious Rose..I read this with much pain and yes i cried as i read. I lost my mom at the thanksgiving dinner table in 1986 ( she was 43 ) to a anurrism noone knew she had. she was talking and laughing and it was like someone just shut off the switch. Me, being a certified combat medic, did all i could instinctively and like on auto pilot..but to no avail. I was lost to drugs and alcohol for nearly 7 years after that because i just couldnt deal with that. I am sorry for the pain that you and yours are dealing with right now. Also as i read i heard in your writing how grateful and blessed you are. The relationship with your mom and stepdad being better, Rose being finally accepted in as her own, your brothers growth and love, the spirit of love and family you relayed resounds volumes about you, Rose, Joe, and Poppy.. We as a GS family pull together in such hard times as we all well know. I have never seen you face to face but still i feel a kinship and when one of my brothers hurt it hurts here too. My best wishes and most sincere love is sent to your family ..Love,,Chuck.
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    Sorry to hear about your loss Bro. We all gotta go sometime but at that age it must be a shock. My thoughts are with you.

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    raistian77 Guest


    So sorry to hear it man, thoughts be with you

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    Billy Ricks Guest


    Such terrible news Josh. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Though my mom had a good long life, living to be 84, the morning I got the call that she had suffered a massive stroke still seems like a bad dream. I don't think there is anything you can experience that is worse than losing your mother. I'm sure losing a child is far worse, just something I'll never experience.

    Take care and hang in there.

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    Default Tough read

    What a heart-felt and honest recalling of something that shakes one to the soles of the feet. My relationship with my mother paralleled yours to an extent that had me remembering more than I wanted to. In my case, I had full-time care of my mother for over 6 years, with very little help from my siblings, and I, too was with her at the end, and the whole scene replays in my mind from time to time. I still have dreams of her, and in them the intensity of the notion that I've not attended to her needs for a while wakes me up in a daze. I went to the summer cottage she loved so much, and watched the ferry boat go by that carried her back to the mainland, and sobbed hysterically that I was so sorry for all the resentment and anger I felt for being the position I had been in for so long, taking care of her. She was a difficult, demanding patient nearly throughout, but she was still my mother, and some of the gifts she had given me through my birth are still much appreciated on reflection. Yeah, Josh, your grief and sense of helplessness in the face of one of lifes' certainties, are shared here fully.Take it easy on your next bike ride, and try not to dwell on what's happened too much at that time, just enjoy the fact that you can ride, and that the rest of us are with you. You are fortunate to have Rose by your side, treasure that, for sure.-Ken
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    Josh we're privileged that you should share so much of yourself in this. We're family and here for you as much as we can be. It sounds like you had some real healing going on in your family, and there are some strong bonds there. I guess I just don't have words, I pray for healing for all of you.
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    Josh, I am very sorry for your loss & ask that you would just lean on God through all of this, HE is there for you & I will be praying for your family. Again, I am sorry for your loss. Ray.
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