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Thread: Please give your support and prayers to Tom MLC

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    Default Please give your support and prayers to Tom MLC

    My best buddy Tom came up to see me and participate in Street Vibrations last weekend, and dropped a bomb on me and my wife. He had been experiencing some pain in his stomach area, and after running some tests, they found a tumor on his pancreas. Earlier this week they did a biopsy, and yes, it's cancer. We don't yet know what the plan of action is. I assume they will take a closer look at the tumor and determine if it has spread, or figure out what they will do. He is strong and healthy (aerobic instructor), so whatever the treatment is, he is in good shape to handle it. Please give your support in any way you can...a prayer, an email to him, etc. I greatly believe in the power of prayer and positive thinking.

    Tom, if you see this, please remember that you are like a brother to me, and I love you lots! Me and Beth are there for you through all of this. Your strength will overcome this!

    EDIT: From Tom's friend Lynda, reposted from planecrazy's post:

    Due to popular demand, I've asked Tom to open a bank account so anyone can send a donation directly there.
    Make checks/money orders, etc. payable to THOMAS MURPHY and mail directly to:
    Union Bank
    1109 E. Arques Ave.
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    Account No. 1381111549
    The check does not have to be endorsed by Tom before depositing.
    Please attach a note requesting your gift be deposited to Tom's account.
    Be sure to include the account number.
    Your name will be kept completely confidential. If you want Tom to know you've made this gift, please e-mail him directly: infinami at earthlink dot net (email purposely mis-typed to throw off spammers)
    Thank you so much.

    EDIT: You can also send a Paypal donation directly to Tom using the above email address - please be sure to mark it as a "gift" in Paypal and pick up the small Paypal charge (if any) on your end, so that all the funds you've earmarked for Tom go to him entirely... THANKS!

    Please help if you can. Tom has lost his income from his fitness instructor job, so anything you can do will certainly help.

    12/7/2012 EDIT: Tom is raffling off his beautiful 78 GS1000C. Here is the thread:

    If you want to ust send a smaller donation and not participate in the raffle, please still use the paypal address listed in the raffle thread. Thanks.
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    Dang...positive vibes coming his way!...

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    In our prayers.

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    Default Sorry

    I am very sorry to hear that. Tom is a really nice guy with a great attitude and I truly wish him well. (I met Tom at the vintage motorcylcle show in Auburn a few years back and we had a nice time together.)
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    Of course I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my father to colon cancer, and my brother to brain tumors. Cancer is a horrible non discriminatory disease that needs to be eradicated. I pray every day that science finds a way to treat, and eventually abolish cancer.

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    Man, aside from a few bright spots, this has been a terrible year for the lot of us. Our hopes and prayers go out to you Tom! You'll lick it.

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    That's such hard news, I will definitely keep him in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Thoughts and prayers going out from this side of the Atlantic as well, lets get those good vibes flowing.

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    best of luck tom, keep the chin up, thoughts and prayers with u bud

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    Tough news, but people beat this type of thing everyday. Stay strong in spirit and in mind Tom, I believe it is the best cure...
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