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Thread: Please give your support and prayers to Tom MLC

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    con lawler Guest


    best of luck tom, keep the chin up, thoughts and prayers with u bud

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    Tough news, but people beat this type of thing everyday. Stay strong in spirit and in mind Tom, I believe it is the best cure...
    83 GS1100ES

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    Flying Fish Guest


    Positive thoughts from here too.

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    SqDancerLynn1 Guest


    Prayer's to everyone. Cancer is tough and can be beat. I think it is more prevalent
    today because of our environment.

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    Billy Ricks Guest


    Thoughts and prayers go out to Tom and family.

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    You're my brother and I feel you to the core but I won't be sharing the basement with you next year damn it.
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    1985 GS1150ES stock with 85 Red E bodywork.

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    pmint patti Guest


    Dear Tom,
    Remember all the nice things you've said to me in the past... when I had troubles? Well right back at you kid. This is just another one of God's tests. Do NOT lose Faith.

    I'll get you on all the prayer lists that I can. Stay strong. Stay positive, I will be directing my healing, loving thoughts to the SW Coastal area.
    Just put up your invisible antenna, and you'll get a LOT of our vibes.
    Love be with you,

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    Tom, you and your family will be in my prayers and I will also add you to a couple of my Men's group prayer lists as well. I power of prayer is a miraculous thing. Stay strong and with the help of God and the doctors I am sure that you will kick this.

    -- Frank --

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    Anyone who's this cool can lick cancer..... Thinking of ya Tom. Dan

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    HammerHead Guest



    Just read the bad news. Damn how terrible and way to close to home. But I know you, and your too damn hardheaded to allow this to get you. I know that down deep inside there's a bad dude just waiting to kick a$$ on this CANCER. Just waiting for the chance to tell it where it can go!!! You'll beat this thing and in the meantime, all the people that know and respect you will be there fighting with you. You are always in my thoughts. God keep you safe.


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