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Thread: Please give your support and prayers to Tom MLC

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    littleroot Guest


    Tom, keep up the excellent attitude. I love you, man, and I know you are going to lick this! I am only few miles away and we are going to get some miles in soon. Whatever and wherever you want, I AM THERE!


    Quote Originally Posted by Tom MLC View Post
    Funny (that I would start out such a dire post with an amusing thought). I'm 53 years old, and have never been seriously sick in all my life. I have little experience with hospitals. Never a broken bone. Heck, I still have my appendix AND tonsils. So how ironic, the first time I have a medical challenge, it's gotta be the fight of my life.

    The good news (and there's plenty of it), is I think we're still early. I know we're still on a learning curve, and more tests are needed. But it looks like it hasn't spread yet. All the imaging, blood tests, urine tests, stool tests show nothing of concern on other organs. I think they haven't covered all the bases yet. I will find out more on my next appointment.

    More good news is I have a great deal of confidence in my medical team. The VA Hospital in Palo Alto, in close association with Stanford Medical. Best in the world, I'm told. All my doctors are Stanford staff. And all my imaging and test results are being reviewed at Stanford. There is comfort in that.

    That's not to say I will not seek a second opinion. In fact, I have a call pending with Cancer Treatment Center of America, in Phoenix. I'm sure they will need to see the reports from the VA, and maybe I will need to fly down to spend a few days with them. So Patti, I may be in your territory soon!

    Still more good news is the overwhelming love and support I'm getting from all my friends. Including everyone here. Most of whom I've never even met. I do believe in the power of prayer, and I feel them all. No doubt it fuels my confidence gives me strength. Although I'm facing the toughest challenge I could ever have, I know there's an army behind me. That should be enough to scare off any foe!

    I'm gonna beat this thing!

    Is there bad news? Well sure, it's CANCER. But I refuse to dwell on the negative. Every day there are more success stories of cancer survivors. I plan to add my testimonial.

    Bruce & Beth, what can I say? You are the most compassionate and unselfish people I have ever met. Anyone here who has met them will back me up on that. Bruce, you are truely my best friend. I'm glad you have my back. And you know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Save me a spot in the garage, b'cuz I will be back in the saddle and ready to share the road with you.


    Bill, are you kidding? I'm gonna take full advantage of this. You know Beth will insist I have the guest bedroom from here on out.

    To everyone else. Friends I have and have not met. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. I will win this fight. There are still many rally's in my future. I'm looking forward to sharing the road with all of you.



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    Tom MLC Guest


    Bob! Let's get a ride in b'for the weather get's bad. Who knows? Once I start treatment I may be too weak, or recovering from surgery, or even worse. My helmet might be too loose if I lose all my hair!

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    Thinking of you. I'm glad to hear there is some positive news in your early exams.

    As I recall, you don't have that much hair to loose, besides there is allways a beanie hat. So ride.

    Keep us posted.

    Charlie G

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    I just got off the phone with Tom. He went to the doctor today for a follow-up. It is his doctor's opinion that due to the location of the tumor, it cannot be dealt with surgically, and radiation is not an option either. So Tom will be starting chemotherapy treatments on Friday. He of course will also be seeking a second opinion to insure that everything possible is being done.

    Tom is strong and healthy, and this will certainly give him the edge for licking this. Please keep your prayers and positive vibes flowing.

    Tom, time to kick some ASS!!! I've got your back, buddy!!
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    Planecrazy Guest



    Keep the PMA going, Pal! My father-in-law went through every chemo session (except one) with no ill effects - he even went out to dinner after almost every one ... We'll be keeping positive energy flowing your way!!

    Feel good, Buddy!!!!


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    Thanks for the update Bruce.
    Thinking good thoughts for you Tom. Always.
    And on the seventh day,after resting from all that he had done,God went for a ride on his GS!
    Upon seeing that it was good, he went out again on his ZX14! But just a little bit faster!

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    pmint patti Guest


    Ditto on the update...

    Still sending all the positive energy that I can.
    My girlfriends daughter (42) had to have a big tumor removed today.
    Altho she lost her uterus, there was no cancer....
    Lots of prayers are being said for you!!!
    Let's "See" it healed up....gone....

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    Hey Tom,

    ...don't know what to say. Hope your treatment goes well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Tom MLC Guest


    Well, I "survived" the first chemo infusion, although it wasn't pleasant. Just a slow iv drip in my arm. The worst part for me was sitting in the infusion room with all those other cancer patients. Most of them looked far sicker than me. I really felt out of place. Not to belittle them and the challenge they each face. I wish them all strength and prayers for their personal battle.

    I was told the side effects are mostly dependant on the individual. Certainly I had the fatigue. But only for the day. By Saturday morning I was as energetic as ever. My wife and I were out and about most of the day.

    Today I'm going out for a short ride with my buddy littleroot. The weather is changing, and the days are getting shorter. Who knows how many chances I have left to ride my GS. Gotta take advantage.

    Hey Bob! Don't forget to bring your camera!

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    littleroot Guest


    Got the camera ready - see you in a few minutes :-)

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