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Thread: Something to help Billy Ricks's great-niece Elizabeth

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    Default Something to help Billy Ricks's great-niece Elizabeth

    Ripped the title from Billy's thread, which began this worth odyssey...

    The GSR brethren really rallied behind Billy Ricks's great-niece Elizabeth and the expression of love she showed for her ailing father during the Brickfish competition...

    Elizabeth came in first place, or maybe I should say, she had the most click though votes, but as it turns out she didn't win. Of far more importance than this was the news posted by Billy a couple of weeks ago...

    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Ricks View Post
    I have a very sad update to this story. I received a phone call a couple of hours ago from one of my sisters. Eleazar, the father in this story, has taken a drastic turn for the worse. He has been on a respirator for the last several weeks and it's now just a matter of when my niece Amanda wants to let him slip away. I'm not sure I'll ever understand why some people have such tragic luck. Amanda will have lost a 5 year old daughter to cancer and now her husband. Thanks to all those who offered prayers and best wishes.

    BTW, Elizabeth didn't win the contest. A contestant that was way down on the final tally was selected by the judges as the winner.
    Elizabeth will be entering collage next year, most likely now without her father's financial support. As cool as it would have been for her to win that iPod from Brickfish, after talking with Billy, who in part talked to Elizabeth's mother Amanda, it was thought that more meaningful gift for the coming year would be to gather together some cash and start up a collage book fund for Elizabeth.

    I've volunteered to be the pivot person to gather the funds should anyone be interested in supporting this worthy cause.

    Please send Paypal for contributions to

    Please include your name of course and reference the collage fund in the title to help me keep track. I'll post the names of the contributers here in this thread, or if you'd rather not be mentioned, just let me know that as well.

    Take care and god bless.


    Edit: Contributors list

    Billy Ricks
    Bert Dodds aka 'Bert Patterson'
    Don Pepe aka 'dpep'
    Rob Hayward aka 'azr'
    I'd prefer to remain anonymous - just list a "GSR member"
    Ed Ness aka 'Nessism'
    From 'Pennsyltucky'
    Rose "Kinnet"
    Jeff Rose aka Roadrash
    Bob Blackmore
    Hi Ed, I'd like to remain anonymous. Thanks for your efforts.
    Since you're wrapping this up, seems she could use a little more help. Best of luck, prayers and best wishes for father and daughter. "GSR member" (again)
    Mike Riddle

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