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Thread: Peppermint Pattie's Condition

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    Patti, I wish you the best. Itís got to be tough being sharp and willing mentally, but in a body that says no. My mother in law is in the same situation and it itís tough to see.
    Keep us in the loop. I always enjoy youíre check ins and your views on life.

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    Patti, atheist that I am my prayers are with you.
    Get out there, face the wind and sun and drink it up.
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    All my prayers and best wishes, Patti.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peppermint Patti View Post
    Hi Kids,
    As my condition worsens, my Faith is strengthened... My skeleton is shot. My organs, blood brain, everything else (heart) is in excellent shape. My Dr. is amazed...
    During this time of lockdowns and fear.... I'm not buying it... I stay home because I WANT TO.... I feel the world's energy has been zapped.... I Pray a lot...
    I've have 20 year friendships on this site that I would like to keep... Despite our opinions in off topic... Lol... Thank you all for being there/here for me...
    You'll never know the comfort this site has been to me in the past/present... Most of all... Thank You Frank! For starting and staffing this site. You guys ROCK !!!
    Wishing you the best of times...




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    Hey Patti, been admiring your strength and resolve through out last few years. you're definitely a forum favs

    Seen any good movies lately ?

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