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Thread: Peppermint Pattie's Condition

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    Hope you heal up real soon Patti.

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    russr33 Guest


    Hope your recovery goes well Patti; good luck with your rehab. You are in our thoughts.

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    Road_Clam Guest


    Wow, as if that poor wonderfull woman has not had enough pain in her life to recover from....

    She is one extremly couragous fighter !

    Patti , wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery !

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    skreemer Guest


    Thoughts, prayers and good vibes to you Patti. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

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    spyug Guest


    Best wishes for a quick and full recovery.


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    DanTheMan Guest


    Patti, I know you can't see this thread yet, but I'm praying for your recovery.
    For everyone else viewing this thread, her mailing address is in the first post. Let's shower her with get well cards. I'm sending her one tomorrow. It won't be serious, it'll be one to make her laugh and feel better.

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    oldpara Guest


    My wife and I are thinking of you.
    Hope you're feeling better very soon.

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    haztoys Guest


    Hope she comes out of this OK ..... Guys I'm in Prescott Valley AZ ... I drive past where she is staying going to work ... If theres anything Patti needs or any help I would be glad to help ... Shes a good 40 miles from Sedona her home ... I hope she has someone to look in on her.?...Whats her real name ?... Maybe in a week I will go by and see how she is ...

    Man I-17 highway is a nasty road ... Most AZ roads are bad ...

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    Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Man, it was just a few years ago you were recovering from other serious injurys.

    Take care.

    Do have your friend keep us updated.



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    850GT_Rider Guest


    What's Pattie's last name? Not sure the hospital will get the cards to her if we just put "Peppermint Patti"

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