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Thread: anyone go for a ride today? Pics?

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    koolaid_kid Guest


    Took the GPz for a spin to work the Stabil into the carbs. Rode past LarryD's house. His truck was out front but he was not. Didn't want to arrive unannounced so I rode a bit through the Admirals (fancy houses near Geist Reservoir). Would have gone further but I forgot my wallet & license at home, so I returned home. It seems to prefer the denser cold air, really wanted to rev. Hehe.
    My new TourMaster Rincon 3/4 coat is awesome, plenty warm in 45 degree weather. I highly recommend it as a waterproof very warm long jacket.
    They salt the roads here in Indy, so this is the last ride of the year for me. No salt on my babies, please.

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    Put on over 200 today. From the garage to the shed for winter storage. 200ft .
    82 1100 EZ (red)

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    Got into the low 60's here today with sunshine, I did about 75 miles but the South wind which is blowing in Major rain for tomorrow got pretty bothersome. Added Seafoam and refilled the tank until the next nice day.
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    Did a short 30 mile errand today. 47 on the way out and 43 on the way back. Could use better gloves or Brush guards. Tomorrows suppose to be mid 50s. I always leave at least one bike on the road. Been a great fall in central New England.

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    got out yesterday for 65kms 8degrees and sunny! Gonna go out today too!

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    JAYD Guest

    Default Took a ride

    Actually it was a balmy 55 degrees up here in New York, It felt good to be out in December, even though I know ole man winter is waiting around the corner.I try to ride at least one day a month through the winter,keep havin fun!

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    150 miles today, most of it at Warp 11.
    This fix is going to have to last a LONG time.
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    7981GS Guest


    I took my latest acquisition out to break-in the rear pads/rotor.
    It was a toasty 37 degrees when I got back.
    I guess that I should have put on the Winter pants and wore the Winter gloves
    if I knew that it was going to be so long of a ride.


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    Default I rode today

    I need to get a camera and learn to post pictures. I rode to Lowes, picked up some junk to get my Christmas lights going. On my way back I rode out Lake Herman Road. Not much of a Lake there, but the Zodiac Killer murdered 2 people there. Anyway, it comes out where what they call the Mothball Fleet is, ships waiting to be cut to scrap. My 1980 GS1000 is running great. It was a nice day
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    Quote Originally Posted by azr View Post
    Trevor's 750 is outstanding, what a find for him. It's just crazy what some people have sitting in their garage unused, the bike looks like it is 3 years old.
    And your 1000C looks how old?


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