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Thread: BikeCliff's Carb Specs Explained

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    Bradley.Isaac Guest

    Post BikeCliff's Carb Specs Explained

    Hello Fellow GSers,

    I hope this is not a reposted question but I am looking for some info on BikeCliff's Carb Specs. My forum search tool is telling me "Fatal Error" so I cannot preform a thorough search.

    Here are the columns listed in the chart...

    Carb Type
    Bore mm
    Idle rpm
    Idle +/-
    Fuel Level mm
    Float Height
    Main Jet #
    Main Air Jet mm
    Jet Needle #
    Needle Jet #
    Pilot Jet #
    Throttle Valve
    Bypass mm
    Pilot Outlet mm
    Valve Seat
    Starter Jet #
    Pilot Screw
    Pilot Air Jet #
    Cable Play mm

    I have an 1983 GS 850G which isn't listed on the BikeCliff's Table. However, if memory serves me, I have seen "45160" stamped on the side of carbs and all of the other specs in the "82 GS 850" row match what I see on my carbs. So I use this row as a reference for my bike.

    I am familiar with many of the items in BikeCliff's table simply because I have torn down and put my carbs back together several times. Each time taking time to identify and learn a bit more about different circuits in the carburetor.

    I am not sure about the following.

    Main Air Jet mm - Where is this located in the carburetor? Does anyone have a picture of it being measured?

    Throttle Valve - Is this the butterfly valve that the throttle cable controls?

    Bypass mm - I have no idea what this is. My best deductive reasoning skills have come up with nothing!

    Pilot Outlet mm - Could someone tell, better show, where this is and how to measure it?

    Starter Jet # - Is this related to the choke slide? Is it stamped on there somewhere that I have missed?

    And please, if anyone is looking for an explanation of other items listed here, post your questions and I will do my best to explain what I know about these parts.

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    Bradley.Isaac Guest

    Smile Found post on starter jet

    I was able to find some info regarding the starter jet from refeicul's 2011 post "starter jet ??"

    Here is the address if the above link does not work.

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    loud et Guest


    just go on cliffs page and download the mabual for your bike. all that info is in the service manual

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    loud et Guest


    or go to the carb/fuel enhaust section of the forum amd the first thread "carb oem specs" section will have it most likely

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    loud et Guest


    to learn more abput the carb part names, on the gsr homepage, in the garage section i think is the carb rebuild tutorial. it has pictures of everything

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    Bradley.Isaac Guest

    Default Thanks loud_et


    Thanks for the suggestions. I read through 175 post on the "carb oem specs" and found post #125 where guest Julia asked a similar question to mine. The only response was from psyguy.

    why exactly are you asking? getting the full answer would fill up pages...
    if you're just fixing a bike, these are all the numbers you likely need to be concerned about:
    Originally Posted by Julia

    float height 22.4.+/-1.0 (0.88 +/-0.04)
    main jet #110
    pilot jet #42.5
    pilot screw pre-set (1.5 turns back (mixture screw))
    pilot air jet #160

    if you have standard intake and exhaust, just confirm that all the jet sizes are per specs, set the mixure screws and the float level as above and that's it.
    refer to the carb rebuild pictorial for details on the respective jets, etc.
    I have also looked through the owner and service manual for my bike, 83 GS 850G, without coming across a description for these items. Additionally I have been doing a lot of general reading on carburetors but without getting firm answers.

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    Bradley.Isaac Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by loud et View Post
    to learn more abput the carb part names, on the gsr homepage, in the garage section i think is the carb rebuild tutorial. it has pictures of everything
    I should have mentioned this too. I have gone through the CV rebuild guide linked from BikeCliff's Site (here) and the CV rebuild you mentioned in the garage section (here).

    These guides don't specifically point out these items. The items might be in the pictures of these guides, but no arrows or indicators are directed at them.

    Thank you for your efforts!



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    loud et Guest


    in my 1100 manual chapter 2 is specifications.chap2/ section 6 in my book has all these carb specs all laid out for me. double check your books specifications section. (knowing suzuki) it may be chapter 2 also in yours.

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