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Thread: Stator, The GSR travelling mascot.

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    Smokinapankake Guest


    This sounds like a fun way to get face time with the members here! Count me in, if old Stator ever makes his way out west....

    Lousy freeloader anyway!

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    MAJikMARCer Guest


    I like this idea. Though the only member that I can think of near by is Tom. NEJeff doesnt count, he's just down the road. Maybe we could ride out to Colorado together. I just hope Tom has found a 650E by then or I may have to walk home.

    Quote Originally Posted by chuck hahn View Post
    Make it a ride to the next guy and hand him off kind of affair. Like send him to say Houston in Teaxs, have Russ Reeves be the recipient, for example. Then Russ rides him to a close member for the hand off and photo ops, then that guy rides him to the next and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregT View Post
    I'd hate to see him lost to a customs seizure....
    I'd hate to see me lost to a customs siezure.

    Life is too short to ride an L.

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    include a note with him with a link to his website and a number for a person responsible to ask questions.

    that should address what ever questions the checkpoints may have.

    would be nice to have a 1 week limit in possession with pics of transfers. would keep it from being stagnant and would facilitate member interaction.
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    wally Guest


    I'm in! If my bike is done and riding by the time this gets going!

    The Buell forum I am on is planning something similar, but only in the States. They seem to be too scared or see it as too big a challenge to get a Buell flag across the waters...
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    GateKeeper Guest


    Tagged for interest...


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    Count me in as well. I am close to Wally, but have never met him! Exactly when and where is Stator going to start his travels? I am delaying essential winter maintenance, as we are still having some great riding weather in between some rainy days.

    However, sooner or later I WILL have to do that maintenance list before summer arrives!
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    Flyboy Guest


    I will get his travel map going and keep it updated as he tours.
    Anyone got more pull with Frank, I sent him a PM asking if he would sticky this thread, no answer as yet.

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    Frank doesn't check in everyday Stan..but I assure you he will respond.
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    fivestring Guest


    Fabricating a Stator mount for the handlebars .Subscribed.

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