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Thread: LED turn signals not blinking

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    Default LED turn signals not blinking

    Hey guys, so this is my first post on here and I've been the proud owner of an 81 suzuki gs450t for almost a year now. I just replaced the stock turn signals with LED ones and they come on fine but they don't flash.

    I've read about people having issues where they flash really quickly and need to get a new flasher for it but i haven't found too much about them not blinking at all and just staying constant. Was just looking for some insight before i went ahead and started blindly replacing things. Thanks in advance and im looking forward to being a part of the gs community.


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    Eric Guest


    The turn signal flasher unit relies on a certain amount of current being used by the turn signals to make it flash. You'll need an electronic flasher unit. I got one at my local auto parts store for around $10. If you have auto canceling turn signals, there are some complications with that, but I don't know the specifics.

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    Welcome to GSR.

    yah, what Eric says.

    Quote Originally Posted by RyMaGz View Post
    I've read about people having issues where they flash really quickly and need to get a new flasher for it ......
    When it flashes too fast, that is too much current for a stock flasher. With the LED signals, You have the opposite problem; Not enough current for a stock flasher.

    Also, add your location to profile and bike model /year to signature line (goto UserCP). Then both of those show up in every post and is easier for folks to help you.

    Also, do introduce yourself in "owners".
    Pictures, we all like pictures.
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    WOW awesome guys! Thanx for the quick response, i'll pick one up tonight after work. Dont have auto-cancelling so i should be good to go if I swap out the flasher. Thanx again guys! And thanx for the welcome Redman, will take some pics and upload this weekend.

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