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Thread: Sunday Brackets at Union Grove

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    bring on the new school
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellucci View Post
    Got to race Sunday with my buds Trip and LandSpeed,(and Mr. GS1500). Round one red light for the other guy, round 2,same thing, round 3 spotted a busa 2.4 seconds and beat him by a wheel at the finish. Got beat in the semi by sleeping at the light... Best time 9.24 at 141... and got a $60.00 payout... All sorts of fun.

    I remember racing at Union Grove! It must have changed a lot in 40 years... lol...
    Thanks for posting this. It brought back a few thrills... Old Bob (I think was his name) used to call out my name every time I was lined up at the track. (Was it Broadway Bob?)
    Still remember my friends telling me that people would flock to the fence, to see... (Really LOL...) Those were the days!
    Good to hear you are still enjoying them!!! Do you know Eddie Heil?

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