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Thread: Electrical Problems Aafter Rain

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    So first, this forum is awesome. While I've been working to get this 80' GS550L back on the road, every questions I've had so far I've been able to find threads upon threads of solutions and opinions. Now I'm just stumped and looking for opinions/a bit of sanity, this electrical stuff has me going a little crazy.

    After working on the new to me bike all winter, it's been running great all summer. I just followed all the advice on this website on what to do and it worked. Just as a side note, one thing I haven't done is work on the Stator/RR because the typical problems haven't reared their heads yet.

    I got caught in the rain but made it home and everything was fine. Tried to start it again the next day and it started and ran but after hitting the blinkers all the lights but the gauge cluster went out. I was able to drive it back but when I shut it down the main fuse blew (note: the only fuse to blow). Checked the lights and the headlamp/blinkers/break lights were all blown. I replaced the main fuse and the bike started up and ran and all the light sockets were getting their proper voltages.

    All this leads me to believe it is either a short caused by the rain, or is a random short from worn insulation or bad connections and the rain was just coincidental. So I've been looking and looking visual/continuity tests on the signalling line but no smoking gun. Any advice from you guys, I'm at a loss as to where to continue looking?

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    ".....Just as a side note, one thing I haven't done is work on the Stator/RR because the typical problems haven't reared their heads yet. "

    Maybe they have- have you done the charging tests???? a quickee

    Yeah, rain can cause connection problems, shorts to ground that overload fuses. But since just your main fuse blew (15 amp still,I hope), I'd suspect a charging problem. Bike relies on charging system to feed enough juice back into harness to keep things running - if you have inadequate charging, the main fuse is maxed out and blinkers and brakeklight can push it over edge.
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    It does sound like a short, we having been getting drenched, alright!

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