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Thread: Are there any ladies on here or what?

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    Motorcycle custom paint my job was filled with purple paint!
    The artists took it upon themselves to do it.

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    Gramma Peppermint Guest


    Lila, Honey, Are you still around?
    Somehow I missed this! It's been tooooo long... How is life treating you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gramma Peppermint View Post
    Just for fun, you can always look up the meaning of colors.... I've been using color healing for decades, along with natural gemstones, herbs, oils, etc., (especially prayer!... and the MIND.)
    Some people say I'm far out. I say they are right and, "I'm staying that way because I can see more from out there"...

    Here's a little info:
    Red - fire/deep love; (action)
    Purple - spirituality; (higher thinking)
    Yellow - energy; (sun)
    Green - growth; (heart)
    Pink - love; (humanitarian + )
    Blue - peace (sky)

    There are many interpretations, that I have studied most of my adult life... But, if you keep to the basics above, you can use it in everyday life. For instance: Waiting rooms are painted blue, to relax people; McDonald's uses orange and yellow, because those colors make you want to eat; I like to drink out of green glass or cup for my heart (what if?); and so on........ I'm sure you get it.

    I remember reading about that! I thought it was particularly interesting. I am autistic, and as such, I am a font of superfluous information.
    My GS550 is painted red, and I certainly heeded a call to action when I saw it. I was looking on Craigslist at motorcycles before I had to leave for the job I had at the time, so I could see exactly how many thousands of dollars I would have to save. I saw this post about a "Suzuki," posted 43 minutes before I started looking, for $200! Not only that, but it was right off the trail I took on my bicycle to get to work, and a mile from where I lived... all on the day before I was going to take the MSF course. This was a sign from the universe, and I couldn't pass it up. So I bought it. That was in July, I believe. Still working on getting it to reliably run, but it does run.
    1980 GS550E

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