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I've used both the Nano and Kicad and do like both. I currently have 8 or so of the Trinket Pro's laying around so that's what I was going to work with. The nice thing about the Nano is that it does have a native USB interface while the Trinket Pro does not. Adafruit did cobble together a software solution for USB download but it takes up some additional program space. The advantage of the Trinket Pro is it does have a little bit smaller footprint and does come in both 3.3V and 5.0V versions while being 98% Uno compatible sketch wise.

I guess nobody is wanting to take this on so I'll do some Tinkering (pardon the pun) and see what I can come up with. My goal would be to have a durable turn signal controller that's wire for wire compatible with the existing controller. The nice thing about doing the programming would be having complete control over the timing and speed trigger. The stock controller always shuts down on me too soon and I need to reset it before I get bellow the 9mph threshold WhatsApp Plus Apk.

As I understand it the stock control unit utilizes 7 wires. Two of which are power and ground, two are for the reed switch input, one is an output to the relay and two are inputs for cancel and start. I've seen several diagrams with errors on them in the service manuals but this is what I think is correct:

Thank you for the detailed thread. The image shows many answers of my questions.