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Thread: Just noticed...UK site (EBay) for premade (Venhill) stainless brake lines

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    Default Just noticed...UK site (EBay) for premade (Venhill) stainless brake lines

    Yet another source for premade brake lines. This one is in the UK.

    I cannot comment as I have not bought product but the pictures look to be a high-quality product.
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    i use these guys for Venhill hydraulic hoses, but they have the screw on banjo fittings. perfect for making one off lines if you have different forks/calipers/handlebars etc. etc.
    Also means if you want to swap the lines to a different bike, or if you change your bars maybe and need a different angled banjo fitting, you just buy the new fitting instead of a whole new line.
    i use them on my GS front and rear brake and clutch and they are great quality.
    1978 GS1085.

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