There seems to be a bit of confusion as to how moderated forums work. The reason I mention this is because people are trying to post replies to a thread and they never see it posted. There is a reason for that, you posted to a moderated forum.

What should you do in a moderated forum?

Say for instance you go to the GS Parts and Services forum and you want to post a reply to the thread "GS Valve Shim Club" for shims. What you need to do instead is open the thread and send a Private Message (PM) to the person who created the first post in that thread. In this case it is Ray whose forum name is GhostGS1. This is the only way Ray will see your request. While you can create a post to the thread, it will simply be thrown away when things get purged. It is done that way so we don't end up with hundreds of old posts from 5 years ago hanging around cluttering things up.

So when viewing the main forum screen pay close attention to whether a forum is moderated or not. Remember, if it is a moderated forum then you need to PM the person who created the thread. Their name will be typically listed in the first post of the thread. If you create a post to any thread and it doesn't show up, then odds are that you posted in a moderated forum.

There is also some question as to what certain forums are for. One of them is GS Parts and Service. If you would like to provide a service to TGSR forum members such as carb cleaning, then this is where it goes. It isn't for parts that you may be selling unless selling parts is something that you do constantly. It also isn't for listing things you see on eBay. That is what the Classified - For Sale and Wanted forums are for. Pay close attention to the forum descriptions. I think I have made them pretty clear. If you have any questions as to where something you want to post belongs, then feel free to PM me and I'll let you know.

Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion.