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Thread: clutch wont disengage transmission

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    loud et Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by zuzu View Post
    Your Clutch lever is adjusted like this one?

    Tony, are you asking him if his clutch arm is on backwards like the one in the pic?

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    zuzu Guest


    That's on correctly.

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    ramosb899 Guest


    Wait that is on backwards?? That how mine was before I took it off

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    zuzu Guest


    That's on the correct way for an 82 1100E!

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    loud et Guest


    Sorry for the confusion I caused....I guess I been working on other bikes that have a different orientation and haven't messed with my 1100 mechanically in quite a while.
    It looked odd and I blurted that out prematurely. Haha

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    ramosb899 Guest


    Well my other problem is that the stator won't charge the battery. I let it run for an hour today dumped it into 1st and it stalled so I went to restart it and the battery didn't have enough juice

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    You actually let your bike run for an hour today, without riding it around. Sure hope you had a very good fan blowing on the front of the bike. Yikes!!!
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    ramosb899 Guest


    Yes I had 2 fans on it. Same thing I do when I sync the carbs. Works great without the need to ride it to cool the engine

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    Assuming the clutch cable / free play is properly adjusted as stated: With the steels and fibers removed, does the clutch hub turn freely and is not interfering with the clutch basket? Thinking a possible cause is hub and basket interference. Others might chime in here re this thought: how much oil was on / in clutch pack when installed. If really saturated, oil is often as much a 'direct drive' deal in that the plates will not turn independent of the fibers even when clutch lever pulled in.
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