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    The breaklight on my 1983 GS850L is stuck on. Tapping front and back breaks doesn't have any effect. I have no experience with any electricals. Wheres the best place to start understanding this problem?
    Is there a switch near the break pedal?

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    There are two. The rear switch is just above the pedal pivot. It's generally a black cylinder with a central pin that gets pulled down. It can stick or shift on it's mounting so that it's always on.
    The second one, front, is in behind the pivot of the brake lever. Generally this is the one that gives more trouble. Get a plastic bag over the lot as small bits can fly away when you open up.
    Before doing any thing , if you have a meter or continuity tester, find the switch plugs and check if it's permanently closed. A bulb battery and a bit of tape can rig up a continuity tester.
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    Yes, at the brake pedal. Take a look and you will see a spring pulling on a plunger style switch. Most likely a simple adjustment. The front brake light switch is at the hand lever. It's not easy to recognize how it works by just looking but it's simple none the less. You loosen (don't remove) the two small screws holding the plastic piece in place and then slide it to adjust. Try playing with it and you will realize how it adjusts.

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    Since this bike is new to you, also check that taillight bulb is right one and installed correctly. The bulb might have been coerced in socket so higher wattage filament (for brake) is always "on" ,not the lower wattage one.
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    You guys are stars. I found the switch behind the pivot and gave it a little nudge until it was moving freely again.



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