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Thread: GS650GL turn signal + tail light stopped working

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    Default GS650GL turn signal + tail light stopped working

    Hey everyone,

    I picked up an '82 gs650gl a week ago and everything functioned/passed safety the day after I picked it up. Today I was checking on it while working on my car and I noticed the tail light stopped working, I then went through the other lights to see if this was a power issue or it was isolated to the single light which may need replacing but then I noticed my left rear turn signal wasn't working (and the front left was staying lit instead of flashing).

    Is this more of a wiring issue than individual faults? This bike is almost 35 years old so I have no doubt I'd have to do some electrical work at some point, but is it worth rewiring the whole bike over the winter?

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    Was it the TAIL light or the BRAKE light that quit? Important to know, as they are on different fuses.

    Your turn signal issue is likely just the bulb or maybe the socket for that bulb. Could also be the wiring leading to that bulb, too, but if the left front works, the fuse is OK.

    If you just picked it up a week ago, how much of the 34+ years of back maintenance have you caught up on?

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    The ground wire for signals and tailight meet at common joint- on mine, it's right under the tooltray- corrosion can cause the signals to not blink.
    Best to heed Steve's advice and explore the likely long overdue maintenance, especially valve clearances.
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