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Thread: Master Cylinder Screws

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    Default Master Cylinder Screws

    Does anybody know the size of these screws? I want to go with stainless.


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    What bike?

    So I just found your other thread where you say the bike model and I was able to find the information in one of the many parts fiches out there. Based on what I see it's a M4 x 50mm long. However, PLEASE MEASURE IT TO BE SURE

    It would be best to put the bike model in your signature and doesn't have to be anything fancy.
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    It's a good idea to use Allen screws.If you ever damage the screw you can still get it out using a small pointy nose vice grips.

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    Thanks for he info. I saw that size, m4 x 50mm somewhere during my research but wasn't totally convinced on the length since the old screws crumbled, along with the reservoir while I was dismantling it. Some parts I am reusing seem to be okay but then there are those, well, I'm sure everybody knows about 35 year old motorcycle parts.
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