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Thread: Bike useage vs your age...

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    Default Bike useage vs your age...

    Hi all,

    I am 61 years old now. I got my driver's license when I was 16, and for the first six years afterwards I got around exclusively on a bike (my first one was a Yamaha 90 Enduro!). Back then, I took myself where ever I needed to go on my bike and going anywhere was an adventure. After a while, getting around on a bike was "just how I did things". But now - all these years later - I'm finding that riding in town to run errands is a chore.

    The bike I've used so far is my '81 Honda CB900 Custom that I bought almost a year ago. It's a beautiful bike and I get compliments on it pretty regularly, but it's big and heavy and not very well-suited for stop-and-go traffic. When I finally have my '81 GS850G up and running correctly, I don't expect it's going to be much different. I have enjoyed the Honda very much for short jaunts out of town on nice days, on lightly-traveled roads.

    So I have two poll questions:

    1) how do you use your bike mainly?
    2) how old are you?

    Feedback is always appreciated!

    Rekindling an old enthusiasm with this '81 GS850G. Also own a very nice '81 Honda CB900 Custom.

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    two poll questions:

    1) how do you use your bike mainly?
    2) how old are you?

    2) I'm 44. I got my first motorcycle 8.5 years ago.
    1) I'm on #4 now, recently operational. I was non-running for the last 3 years. I use the bike if I have somewhere to go, especially if it's between 2 and, say, 100 miles, and I don't have to have much stuff with me. If I visit a church member or visit someone in the hospital or go to a meeting, if it's not raining, sure I'll ride.
    If I have a week-long event somewhere and it's 100-400 miles away I might slap a duffel bag on the rack. But I never ride to work. Because I live next to my workplace
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    #1 - I use my GS bikes for pleasure use only (to have the cheap collector plate insurance in BC, Canada you can't use the bike for work).

    #2 - 48 years young
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    49, been riding dirt bikes since I was 12 and on the street since I was 18. I ride to work once a week and then ride most Saturdays. I most enjoy long rides out of town, across the state or to California, New Mexico or Colorado.
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    #1 I use my bike for a mix of fun and commuting to work. My wife also recently started riding with as well, and she loves it

    #2 I'm 27 and this is my second bike. I got my license 5 years ago.


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    1) If I didn't have to carry so much test equipment and occasionally have to pick up or deliver a large item, I would use my bike for work. So, ... mainly for pleasure. Down to the corner for a gallon of milk is not out of the question. Meeting someone two states over for coffee is not out of the question. Always a pleasure, though.

    2) Older than you. Got a motorcycle endorsement on my license in 1975,


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    Started riding at 16 and now 66. Bought my first bike in '71and have not missed a year since. Riding has always been just for pleasure and for a few of my younger years when I didn't need a car for work I only owned a motorcycle.
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    I'm 66 now and have been riding legally for 50 years. Always been a city guy, no dirt bikes in my past.
    I bought larger and heavier road bikes progressively until around 2009 when the guys at AZBeemers introduced me to Dual Sport riding and I bought an 800cc GS. That is the single, most all around competent bike I've ever owned!! That same year I bought a ZZR600 sport bike and used it for all my in town riding (in place of my R1100RT). A hand injury in 2010 made riding anything over 400 lbs a struggle and I stepped down (size) again. I now have a 2001 Bonneville and a 1979 Suzuki GS425. My riding experience has not suffered one bit from downsizing but I won't be doing any 600 mile days again!!
    I averaged 20,000 miles per year in AZ, the Michigan riding season is shorter and I'm doing around 7,000 per year here. Lots of aimless wandering and local commutes. I just plain enjoy riding (and I'm single).
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    I am 56 now and I started at 7 years old on a Honda Z50. I will ride every single day that the weather permits above -10 Celsius, snow and ice are a no go for me. Round trip to work is 50+ kilometers, from March till December usually. Motorcycle license for the road (legally) @ 16 on my birthday and I have not stopped since. I have only done 250 - 500 mile trips ( To the cabin mostly ) so far. I am counting down the days till I pull the plug from work and I am then able to travel when and where I want to go. I will always use the bike over the truck any day.
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    I am 54, I started riding when I was 6 years old. My father had a small back yard bike shop as I was growing up. I have had numerous dirt bikes as a kid and many street bikes since. I still have the first bike I put on the road . Bought it new in 83' Suzuki Gs750Ed. Last year between the 3 bikes That I currently have on the road I managed a little over 15 k miles
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