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Thread: Bike useage vs your age...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich82GS750TZ View Post
    Really wish I still had the 1976 Scout Traveler. That was the vehicle I learned to drive in/ took my test in/partied in/drive anywhere in.
    sold my Scout II for $400, now a runner will cost 15K and up, waaay up. Who would've guessed they'd become so collectible.
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    I so understand. I sold my last Mini Cooper for 1/3 of what they go for now, and Minis are still my favorite cars of all time.
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    I am 59 years old. I started on two wheel when I was around 8 on an old mini bike with a Tecumsah pos engine on it. Then a Z50 then a RV90 Zook. After that it was dirt bikes mostly Suzuki two strokes. Parents would not buy a street machine. I had to buy my first on my own in 1981 a GS550L cruiser. Bought pnly one other cruiser a Intruder 800 with the drag bars cannot recall the year model. Then to a 1983 GS550ES and later picked up in 1987 my current (still own it and restoring it) 1982 GS1000S Katana. After I parked the Katana in the early 90s I began buying the GSXRs, all 750s until 2001 when I went to the GSX-R600 and road racing it with WERA SE and Mid Central. Road raced on and off for 17 years mostly on 600s then in 2013 onto GSX-R1000s until 2016 and ended all that back on 600. Owned several street bikes during those years, most all Suzuki GSXRs, TLR1000R, Bandit 1200s, Bandit 1250. Then in 2011 I jumped on Yamaha's the Super Tenere and Yamaha 250F dirt bikes. Had a RMZ450 2007 model it was insane fast. Back on a Suzuki GSX-S1000 in 2016 a naked street bike. Several Adventure Vstroms in 1000 and 650. Honda Africa Twin DCT in 2017. Yamaha Tenere 700 in 2020 then back to Sport touring on a Yamaha Tracer 900 GT. Only had one Kawasaki the Concours 14, oil leaker, no more Kaws for me. Currently own a 2021 GSX-R1000R 100th anniversary edition very beautiful bike in the MotoGP livery, 2020 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT, 2014 Honda GROM, 2009 Yamaha Zuma 125 and my old 1982 Big Kat GS1000S. I've owned a lot of motorcycles over the years so many I know I left out many in this quick post. Oh remember one I'd rather forget 2016 Triumph Tiger 800, no more Trumphets for me. Don't like that company.

    I have a 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000GT+ on order, suppose to be here by April 2022. Big new sport tourer which will replace my very nice Yamaha Tracer 900 GT. I love the Tracer triple engine but it is not a Suzuki. I am definitely on the sport bike end of riding a motorcycle unless it is a dirt bike and I've all but given them up due to injuries I seem to cannot shake off at my age now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich82GS750TZ View Post
    1) how do you use your bike mainly? Mostly just for fun, occasional commuter (it's only 5 miles to work)
    2) how old are you? 50

    Got my first bike for my 12th birthday, a very used 1972 Yamaha DT 250 Trials. Pic not my actual bike but exactly the same, and is in much better shape that my beater. I learned to ride and crash (a lot) on this bike.

    Sold the bike and got my first 3-wheeler at age 13 or 14. Yamaha Tri-Moto 200. Paid for w/ paper-route money. No rear suspension, fun times. Me in pic (not very smart, no helmet):

    Sold that a couple years later and w/ more paper-route money bought a 1986 Brand New Honda 200X. Also me in pic.

    Went away to college in Boston, and sold the 200X. Had a long break from riding in the 12 yrs I lived there. A buddy and I did take the MSF course at Hanscom AFB, but at that time, licence endorsement was not part of the deal. So I didn't ride again until I moved back to central PA in 2002, took the MSF here and got my M stamp, and my Brother-In-Law gave me an early '80s Honda CB125. Looked something like this:

    Around 2004, a friend really needed this non-running 1982 GS750T gone from his property, so gave it to me. This is the only pic I have of the bike in the state in which I received it:

    Today, its a real runner, and I think it's looking pretty swell, with a giant thanks to all the help I've gotten from the terrific folks here on the GSR!:

    Such wonderful memories, Rich.

    My parents did not encourage motorcycles in our household so I never got to experience what you are fortunate.

    But when I did dive in...I went for the GUSTO with my Gixxer750!!! lol

    Yeah, I had a close call once...the rest of the time, it was an intimidating bike for me mentally...not recommended as a first bike. I'm just glad I didn't end up like the guy who bought it from me...he was in a fatal accident 2 weeks after buying that rocket from me.

    Thanks for sharing your memories...and I love the "T" of course!!!


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    Ride whenever comfortable. Not ready for rain yet and anything under 45 degrees is a little cold for my tastes. I plan to ride it basically everywhere this summer but by the time I got the rebuild done it was already october. I still fire her up any time it's a little warm though. Use it to commute, run errands, or sometimes just ride when I'm bored. I don't see my car getting a whole lot of use in the warm seasons now unless I need to haul something that won't fit in a backpack. I never saw myself being a daily driver motorcycle guy but as soon as I got on I was hooked. I can't even go in the garage without staring longingly at my bike and pining for the next warm dry day.

    28 here. Been riding something since my dad put me on the back of an ATV at age 10. Owned mostly 3 and 4 wheelers til now. My GS400 is my first 2 wheel street bike and I'm loving it.
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    - USB charging port
    Work in progress (this bike will be my coffin).

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